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Braathens Regional Airlines signs contract with VeeOne

We are thrilled to announce that VeeOne has signed a contract with BRA - Braathens Regional Airlines, whereunder our people are supporting BRA’s crew planning operations with “Planning as a Service”.
BRA has signed two charter contract with the tour operator Ving/Nordic Leisure Travel Group and Apollo/DER Touristic Nordics, and hereunder VeeOne is providing crew planning services.
This new charter operation will be airborne spring 2023 from around 30 airports in Scandinavia to 10 destinations in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Cyprus and The Canarias.
The present fleet consists of 14 ATR and will now be completed with A319/A320 to operate these charter flights.
The brand Braathens Regional Airlines was established in 2016 after a merger of a number of regional airlines included in the same Swedish corporate group. The corporation's DNA stretches all the way back to the 1940's.

Nordic Aviation Group signs contract with VeeOne

We are excited to announce that VeeOne has signed a contract with Nordic Aviation Group, whereunder our people will start supporting Nordic Aviation Group’s crew planning operations by way of “Planning as a Service”.

Nordic Aviation Group is an Estonian state-owned aviation group, encompassing two airlines – Nordica and Xfly. The group was established in 2015 and launched operations in early 2016. Both Nordica and Xfly are service providers working on both a short- and long-term basis, with major European commercial airlines from all over the continent, with Xfly specializing in the regional and Nordica in the mid-haul market. The group is currently operating a fleet of 17 CRJ900, ATR72 and A320 aircraft, and will soon be adding four A320neo units.

Green Cargo signs contract with VeeOne

VeeOne has signed a contract with Green Cargo to provide services, supporting their crew planning operations.

Green Cargo AB is a logistic company owned by the Swedish state, transporting goods by railway, both domestically and internationally.
In Sweden, Green Cargo has around 60% of the freight market via railway.

Maersk Air Cargo signs contract with VeeOne

VeeOne has signed a contract with Maersk Air Cargo to provide services, supporting their crew planning operations.

Maersk is one of the largest shipping companies in the world and is now taking the step to expand their operation into the air cargo market.

Brussels Airlines signs prolonged contract with VeeOne

Brussels Airlines has prolonged their ‘Planner as a service’ contract with VeeOne. The VeeOne crew will conduct operational planning as well as provide support on processes, KPI´s and analysis.

VeeOne signs contract for `Planning as a Service´
with an undisclosed customer

VeeOne is conducting a deep analysis of the air cargo market for an undisclosed customer,

- "This is a very exciting contract for us where we are using our `Planning as a Service´ capacity to its full extent".

Says Martin Hoffman, CEO of VeeOne.

Transavia signs agreement with VeeOne

We are thrilled to announce that VeeOne has signed an agreement with Transavia to provide "Planner as a Service", supporting the crew planning operations. Transavia is a leisure airline and part of the Air France - KLM Group. 

A-Train signs agreement with VeeOne

VeeOne signs an agreement with A-Train, the operator of the express train from Stockholm City to Arlanda airport. As a first step, VeeOne will perform a "Planning Process Assessment" and provide consultancy support as part of A-Train´s planning process development.

 - "We are happy to work with VeeOne as they offer a unique mix of competence within the crew planning area", says Hanna Larsson, CIO A-Train

VeeOne signs agreement for Jeppesen Digital Solutions

-"With their strong background in airline crew planning and optimization, the VeeOne team is well positioned to deliver crew Planning as a Service. We look forward to partnering with VeeOne to deliver operational efficiencies and value to their customers with these solutions."

Says Johan Kollind​, Director Crew & Network Operations Portfolio​

Boeing Global Services


VeeOne signs agreement with Boeing to use its Jeppesen Crew Pairing (JCP) and Jeppesen Crew Rostering (JCR) as a part of the "Planning as a Service" (PaaS).
   VeeOne will offer PaaS, powered by optimization, to small and medium sized airlines. We know that this segment have a challenging planning process and there is need for optimization.
   - Now for the first time, VeeOne will make world class optimization available to these airlines as part of our PaaS offering.

Martin Hoffman

CEO VeeOne

Henrik Dahlström

Managing Director

Jeppesen Systems

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